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Have you ever fancied a dabble with real London pornstar escorts? Here at London Pussycats we have a stunning collection of pornstars and all just a phone call away.

Though cameras, and especially the internet, have made pornstars much more prominent in the last decade, the phenomenon of adult stars, or sex performers has been around since time immemorial. Humans are visually oriented creatures, and what better thing to train our vision on than a beautiful woman engaged in carnal pleasure? Indeed, from the Babylonians, to decadent Roman Pornstarnacus Maximus, to burlesque shows in Victorian London, all the way to Jenna Jameson and Sasha Grey making headlines on Oprah and Howard Stern: the confident, alluring sexual performer is a mainstay of our culture.

How prevelant are pornstars in western society, and on the internet? If you took a poll at the London Pussycats HQ it would look like they're more important than politics, sports and probably food. But, in broad terms... it's hard to say. Actual neuroscientists and other researchers are looking into though. Computational neuroscientist Ogi Ogas found that, out of the top 1 million sites in 2010, 42,337 were porn related, and that 13% of all searches from 2009-2011 were about the porn. He's written a book about sex on the internet called A Billion Wicked Thoughts. (An interesting bit of trivia: the US State with the most downloaded porn is the very conservative Utah).

Porn is on the public mind. In Roman times the best performers were usually slaves and it was illegal to talk to them unless they were your property. Burlesque performers were slightly more accessible, but they travelled a lot and rarely met intimately with fans. Now though, with the advent of internet porn and escorts sites like London Pussycats, the starlets of the adult industry need not be known only by their onscreen exploits. It's a wonderful era where one can easily see their woman of choice in action, then simply pick up the phone and experience her in person.

Imagine the fantasy of a real life session with a pornstar escort - all of the exciting positions, the dirty talk, perhaps some toys to spice things up a tad. With a PSE escort your imagination (and your wallet) are just about the only things holding the action back. You know you want to try!

How about some a levels in the afternoon while you work up a good sweat, and then in the evening you watch one of her porn movies together and reenact some of her racey scenes. We have London Pornstars just for you.

Hard Core Pornstars at their best... Carmen McCarthy, Emma Butt, Kazz B and more! For an experience almost unattainable for thousands of years book some private time with the starlet at London Pussycats.

Take a look at Emma Butt.... Insatiably wild and incredibly beautiful one and only Emma Butt If you didnt already know, Emma is a famous and renowned world class porn star, and is currently in great demand.  Wild and adventurous, with killer curves to die for, her dazzling smile, addictive personality, and innate confidence will quickly break the ice, offering you a PSE date from your wildest fantasies...

With London Pussycats - Getting that starlet out of your computer and into your flat is only one phone call away

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